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Joanna Leeds as Daisy. He is a genius with a curling iron Karen Black appeared in director Todd Stephens ' previous film, Gypsy 83 Jarod Jonathan Chase is a handsome and fit jock who is quite insecure. Another Gay Movie Ashlie Atkinson as Muffler. Why you should watch Boomerang, Miracle Workers and more!

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A quirk in time and space gives a failed filmmaker the chance to reshape his destiny when he visits his peculiar alma mater.

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Gay and Lesbian movies. Judas Kiss I Kristen Novak as Suzi. Nov 11, Rating: Erin Collins Super Reviewer.

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Village Voice - R. AGM had a collection of funny moments. Jonah Blechman as Nico. And I think that description defines the entire film for me - it was unexpectedly inspired and made me laugh when I wouldn't have typically. That's appealing to the basest of the viewer's instincts. Four gay high school friends make a pact to lose their virginity before they go to college. Uh, we were just talking about, um, it's, uh

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