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Portland, Oregon also begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Supreme Court declined to take action on all five cases it had been asked to consider from appellate courts in the Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth Circuits, allowing the circuit court decisions striking down marriage bans to stand. November 20, - Illinois becomes the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage when Governor Pat Quinn signs the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act into law. Lewin74 Haw. Views Read Edit View history. The law goes into effect in August 1,

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Maine and New Hampshire follow suit, though Maine voters later repeal the state law allowing same-sex marriage.

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History of same-sex marriage in the United States

Same-sex marriage has prompted states to examine the protections for religious officials and others who are authorized to solemnize marriages and their right to refuse to solemnize a marriage based on their religious beliefs. You consent to the use of cookies if you use this website. Marriages, Families, and Relationships: Passed by the Minnesota Legislature and signed into law by the Governor of Minnesota. This is the first time same-sex marriage has been approved by a popular vote in the United States. Retrieved October 6, But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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The June decision of the U. We strive for accuracy and fairness. You consent to the use of cookies if you use this website. Florida began allowing same-sex marriages after a federal judge struck down the state's ban. Same-sex couples get their marriage licenses at the Oakland County Courthouse in Pontiac, Michigan, on March 22,a day after a federal judge overturned Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage.

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