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What's your thesis statement? What once was shunned in almost every culture and society is now creeping into our laws and customs as normal and even acceptable due to the increase of radicals found in Anglo-Saxon societies such as the US and UK. Same-sex marriages would be average and normal, while straight marriages would be frowned upon and considered unholy in the eyes of religion. It has ruled that has been for over a. For example, blossoming flowers would still clothe naked landscapes These particular arguments are controversial topics that require an in-depth discussion

research papers done on gay marriage
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Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to overturn a decision that was made in California legislation that allowed same sex marriage and he may succeed in doing so.

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Anti-gay marriage conservatives bare a striking resemblance to those who once believed interracial marriages would destroy the sanctity of marriage and children of those couples were victims of their interracial parents. As same-sex marriage has become a legal reality in a rapidly growing list of countries, the time has come to assess what this means for families and relationships on the ground. Opponents of an updated version of argumentative essay?

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The Argument Against Gay Marriage - The major argument against gay marriage is that it goes against what the Bible teaches.

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