Gays civil rights 2007 editorials

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Prohibits housing discrimination based on sexual orientation only. Retrieved August 3, Without explicitly referring to homosexuality, the executive order responded to several years of charges that the presence of homosexual employees in the State Department posed blackmail risks. Every day, my in box is flooded by news articles about the state of gender variance in the world, from articles about Eunuchs in India trying to take political power and create a legal "third sex" definition, to Atlanta hiring a specialist to handle crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. See Jamison Green's Planetout.

And the world would still turn if pubs could kick out black people, landlords refused to provide housing to ethnic and religious minorities, and men were always promoted ahead of women.

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LGBT rights in the United States

Courts of appeals District courts Supreme Court. Ford, dedicated to making sexual orientation a non-issue in the Republican Party". See bill as enacted here. Transgender people 'can't serve' US military". Governor Bush was criticized for letting the hate crimes bill die in a Texas Senate committee. Click here to read the actual law off site. Archived from the original on March 7,

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See remarks and list of participants here in pdf format. May 16, -- Rochester City Council passes transgender-inclusive law banning discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on sexual orientation, and other categories. A retired Army Special Forces Colonel, Diane accepted a job researching terrorism for the Library of Congress, only to have the offer rescinded when she told her supervisor that she is transgender. Being out at work is never easy, but transitioning poses unique challenges. In the book, Axelrod revealed that President Barack Obama lied about his opposition to same-sex marriage for religious reasons in United States presidential election. The law went into effect on July 8, Retrieved June 22,