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A few hours later, the hook-up date began. I went into the kitchen and started cleaning myself off in the sink. He quickly jumped out and began to dry off. The burning duo even jumped into the pool to quell the pain. So what would you do if your barber was extremely attractive?

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This reader shares exactly what happened to him upon meeting a ridiculously hot jock while lifting weights.

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The Love Issue

Sometimes, you are the villain in your own movie. It was… really aggressive sex. If the answer is yes, would you do it in the presence of others? Did you try to speak, only to find garbled air came out? These depressing stories highlight just how sad and superficial our community is.

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And this story finally got its happy ending. Unfortunately, they soon had company, and the game of show-and-grab was quickly over. He offers specific details about what doing it underwater is really like. Would you be upset? Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of life dating datingapps stories and more. He had met up with a Grindr interest who he had been chatting back and forth with for awhile.

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