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English Croatian Portuguese 4 more. A 'classic of the genre' in Finland, it talks about two women walking in front of people hand in hand. Song English Catey Shaw. A stunning tribute it is too; a disco-pop love song that's perfect for those that have loved and lost, but are ready to keep on trying. I suggest this one: Song Italian Renato Zero.

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Song talks about a man who loses his beloved one in war and then suicides.

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From Noël Coward to Frank Ocean: the greatest LGBT songs for Pride month

The song was released as a way to promote gay marriage being allowed and recognized in Brazil back in The same artist who appropriated twerking for middle America created one of the most raw odes to lesbian sex on record. For the I Still Love You video, Jennifer Hudson teamed up with Human Rights Campaign to create a piece that is both a song about love and an argument in favor of marriage equality. The dreamy, electro-soul of this track is the perfect accompaniment to her vocals, creating the musical equivalent of ecstatic, late-night, whispered sweet nothings. Renzo Rubino - Il postino amami uomo.

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Chad King sang love songs with female pronouns because, as he told Billboard''it's just what people do''. You can also add: French Dutch Turkish 2 more. I've mentioned my attitude towards the song in the comments on its page. Today, newspapers commonly police their pages for the slightest whiff of homophobia. Perry stated song's lyrics are "about the magical beauty of a woman".

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