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For instance, by sharing tasks such as shopping and cleaning, a married couple can produce better quality meals than two individuals that shop, clean and cook separately. Retrieved 26 December Crenshaw, K. The gaps in the stability of same-sex and different-sex relationships are diminishing. This prompts Rosenfeld to observe, "Although the stability associated with marriage appears not to depend on state recognition of the marriage, state recognition of same-sex marriage opens a pathway to higher marriage rates among same-sex couples. Get Listed Today. Same-sex couples attempting to divorce in Texas while it did not recognize the validity of same-sex marriages met with different results.

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Washington, DC.

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We marry because… The fundamental economic view of marriage goes back to the theory of Nobel Laureate Gary Becker. Mapping the margins: Still, marriage will generate some productivity and efficiency gains for couples, irrespective of their gender.

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Full acceptance and recognition, just as is the case today with interracial and interfaith marriages.

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