Gay marriage leading to bestiality

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Exactly the same thing can happen in this country if we are not willing to stand up for what we believe in. Whether it's Argentina or Canada, South Africa or Norway, no country that has legalized same-sex marriage has seen this wave of "deviant" behavior religious conservatives claim will happen. Carson said of the growing acceptance of gay marriage and nontraditional families. There are so many questions that arise with polygamy marriage system. It has significant ramifications.

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Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Leads To "Bestiality," "Child Molestation," "Pedophilia"

Traditionally polygamy is a system where a man is the ultimate decision maker but today's marriage it is seen as a equal partnership. And in the same way I'm not equating those things. The argument for gay marriage is very similar to that for adult consenting incest, and polygamy. Judges and government must not be allowed to restrict religious beliefs. This makes a polygamous arrangement a little more difficult legally. And it doesn't need to be changed.

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Same-sex marriage now legal in England and Wales. This just does not make sense to me. Fortunately, a firestorm of immediate protests appears to have at least temporarily rolled back this egregious assault on all Americans, whether they realize it or not. She emphasised the only change to the Marriage Act supported by the Greens was an amendment to allow same-sex marriage. I wasn't equating those things, I don't think they're equal. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended. Bestiality is sexual contact between a human and an animal.

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