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His only companion day in and day out was an old man of about the same age, his partner in games of go. Daughter of a famous painter is torn between her love for a man and a young woman; The Bostonians [free online]. I'm sure there are gay classics by other writers of color, though I have to confess that - possibly because we specialize in British fiction -- I'm not able to cite any offhand. It's believed to be the first gay detective novel, and in it, the main character is a psychiatrist who descends into the "gay underworld" of London to investigate why his former lover committed suicide. Texas inthe spread of gay marriage starting with Massachusetts inand more recently so many states' gay marriage bans falling one after the other, have completely changed life for gay people in this country -- to the point where future generations of young gay people will never really have lived in a time where being gay was illegal, where you could be fired or evicted for being gay, where gay people couldn't marry, etc. The Way of All Flesh [free online].

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Selected Essays Eliot's theories about literature are as influential as his poetry; Ellmann, Richard Oscar Wilde Definitive biography, and cultural history; Faderman, Lillian Surpassing the Love of Men Female romantic friendship, and lesbian life, from the Renaissance to the present; Faderman, Lillian Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers Lesbian life in 20th c.

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Early Gay Literature Rediscovered

Lyrical, complex novel about a British teenage girl's troubled coming of age; Please use one of our forms to submit your texts, links, reviews etc. Press,a book that meant a lot to me when I came across it at age 18 or 19 or so, and which helped me discover a lot of great gay authors. Relationship of two young Athenians during Peloponnesian War Renault's first novel set in the ancient world ; Interestingly, though, there are a couple important American works we've stumbled on lately about gay black characters, both of which we're looking at to see if they're something we might reprint:

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Josiah Blackmore University of Toronto for recommending two medieval Arabic works: How a group of nihilistic Generation X college students spend their Christmas vacation; They were not allowed to speak in the shower, but the stranger, soaping his left shoulder, spread out his palm so that Farragut could read there, written in indelible ink: Carol Ann Duffy, Thom Gunn. We've reprinted most of that series now -- great titles like Kenneth Martin's Aubadeabout a teenager's first love written when Martin was only 16! Edited by Karen Martin, a fiction writer, collage artist and professional editor, and Makhosazana Xaba, an author and poet, Queer Afric a includes 18 historical and contemporary stories by writers from six African countries.

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