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In5 years into my marriage, I went to have a couple beers at a local "redneck" bar and saw a good friend of mine who I grew up with. Our goal here was to compete with the continued increase of pay-per-view and digital downloads. One time we told someone and they actually purchased a video off the AMVC site and were very familiar with our name and videos then they actually asked us for our autographs, very strange and weird at the same time. But he did he duty and cleaned up and we did the scene and it came out good. How did you get your start working in amateur videos? I got rid of the old blog script and got this nifty new one. Now the best thing is that after all the struggles of starting a new business and learning the business from ground up, we were able to become independent and leave our full time jobs and do this full time and know that people are purchasing our videos and renting them and really enjoying what they see.

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The straight guys are cool with stuff until someone else finds out.

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Describe any bad experiences or situations you've experienced so far. My best attribute is my mind i tend to use it and think about my projects carefully and see what role fits me and how it will benefit me so i would say my brain is the best attribute. It's now a few years later and I had to have him for our first model interview. The gay videos will probably remain labeled as Eden Pictures.

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What's the worst thing about it?

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