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Question 1 of 26 Privately owned schools should be able to refuse transgender students if they so desire. Aleandro hopefully soon Amy I don't feel female, but I don't feel male, either. No - I don't mind my vagina. Sanchez and Vilain examined the Gender-related Fears and Psychosocial Impact of Gender Status subscales in a sample described as MTF and found that lower scores on both subscales were related to greater depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and somatic symptoms. Recommendations for revision of the DSM diagnosis of gender identity disorder in adults.

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The case formulation approach to cognitive-behavior therapy.

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Puberty suppression is done for patients who are non-transgender with precocious puberty to avoid permanent short stature. Based on data from the PEW Research Center, this test will determine your attitude to transgenderism on the basis of the issues that currently divide the public. Debra A.

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