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Shireen, can you also acknowledge that I am absolutely dominate in Escape Room? What do you say to that? I thought I was okay. I know I actually looked up that Tweet again. Like bold in with like the screaming face emoji. But I do at least want to share it, because I have literally conquered Escape Rooms across multiple scenes.

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What do you guys think after this week of all these revelations?

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Episode 66: Ohio State University Bullshit, #UsToo, and Cara Snyder on the Gay Games

So the disparity here for me is what is on Starke display. He was a cisgender, gay, Deck athlete. And I think Jess point to some really important things about, what does survivorship look like for men. They suffered under the same sexist homophobic abusive system as did those women. Oh yes, sounds like a plan. No, I know- Cara: Burn It All Down is a genuine labor of love and we all believe in this podcast.

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Why would non-identifying go in men? In the case of soccer, it seems like that is the case. But, 3, of those athletes are from the United States. Mayhem, Mores, and Marriage. But on the other hand, Thompson crafted a variety of striking stage pictures from a minimalist unit set consisting of nothing more than a stone wall and a couple of long tables. I wish I did know.

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