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Hong Kong leader: The Note: So far, none have received asylum in the United States. Severe turbulence leaves 10 injured, throws flight attendant into ceiling. In a statement on Monday, the organization said those fleeing this current purge have allowed them to build a clearer picture of the detentions and provided details of brutal treatment. Alleged courthouse shooter was discharged from the US Army. InDmitry who wanted to find asylum abroad, told ABC News he was terrified that Chechen security forces might find him if he stayed in Russia.

gay toryure story
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The organization said one detainee told them prisoners were being denied food and given dirty water after it had been used to wash the floor.

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Security services officers then used the person's phone contacts to find new targets, according to Kochetkov. Step inside Super Kamiokande. More on this story. On Friday, we cover:

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LGBT activists all over the world, like Australia's Peter Tatchell, protest against Chechnya's persecution of gay people in the region.