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Mike thought he could keep his pornographic past a secret, but you know the saying "Just when I thought I was out Dylan nervously looked towards the door as the man took some kind of pump out of the bag…. There's a lot of wiggle room of things we can get people to do that they wouldn't normally do. I used to be so independent. Completely enthralled by these words, letting them fill you up, making you feel so happy and dreamy. Video size: An amazing, tingly, sexy feeling spreads down your spine as your thoughts cloud over, the horniness and desire to submit clouding out anything else.

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My body pulsated with light, growing with each burst of radiance.

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A golden glow radiated from my blood vessels, creating the most beautiful motif of intertwining streams of light from within me. Billy told him to keep looking at it so he must keep looking at it. After reading this post, you will find that you have a greatly increased desire to submit to me, to submit to my words, to submit to my control over your mind. I do this to build rapport and trust so they can get comfortable with both me and the idea of hypnosis.

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The full list of all changes is here!

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