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Ina transgender woman was assaulted and attacked in the capital city of Georgetown. Views Read Edit View history. Granger supports these efforts. The law does not specifically define " buggery ", "gross indecency" or "indecent", as these terms remain defined by the common law, specifically the colonial era English common lawwhich Guyana inherited most of its laws from. However, the Court of Appeal subsequently upheld Chang's ruling.

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Guyanese society tends to view homosexuality, transgender and non-binary people negatively, though attitudes are slowly changing and becoming more accepting.

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LGBT rights in Guyana

During the electionsboth major political parties expressed support for LGBT rights. In August and Aprilthe Belize Supreme Court and the Trinidad and Tobago High Courtrespectively, ruled that laws criminalising homosexuality are unconstitutional. Archived from the original on 13 November In Decemberthe National Assembly of Guyana unanimously approved a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. On 2 Marchthe day the verdict was announced, she was denied entry into the courtroom because she wasn't "dressed like a man". Under Guyanese law, cross-dressing previously was illegal.

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A common term for gay men in Guyana is "anti-men". The court later dismissed her case. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. InChief Justice Ian Chang ruled that cross-dressing was legal unless done for an "improper purpose". Religious groups voiced their opposition to any changes in those laws. The panel of five judges ruled that the statute, in addition to being archaic and vague, "violated the appellants' right to protection of the law and was contrary to the rule of law".

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