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You gonna hit me with your purse? This series is an excellent example of how to take a supporting cast member, flesh them out, and make them feel completely worthy of the center-stage. Asian Voices. Since the Japanese "gay boom" of the s, a body of manga by queer creators aimed at LGBT customers has been established, including both bara manga for gay men and yuri aimed at lesbians, which often have more realistic and autobiographical themes. This is a list of love—so, without any further adieu, here are my top ten favorite instances of LGBTQ representation in comics from A Family Tragicomic was lauded by many media outlets as among the best books of the year.

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The character was created by a man who was in a polyamorous relationship with two women in the pre-World War II era.

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The — edition of Milton Caniff 's Terry and the Pirates features a primary villain, Sanjak, who has been interpreted by some as a lesbian with designs on the hero's girlfriend. The Times. Iceman 6 of Comic Books Feature.

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These companies gave greater artistic freedom to their writers and artists and chose not to ascribe to the Comics Code, allowing exploration of more mature themes.

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