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There are probably a lot of gays in the NBA right now but due to the culture that is the NBA they probably will never come out. Man, im completely fine with people doing and loving all this kinda stuff. It's good to see more and more prominent black citizens stand up for LGBT pride and rights in this country. If they've never been here before, they're blown away and go home to evangelize about all the great things happening in Atlanta. There is a scale for that, but I can't remember the name.

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Turn up the music and enjoy the journey.

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It's actually called being bisexual. I don't really get why that's okay. There's still a ton of homophobia in Portland and the surrounding area, trust me. The hosts who help keep this space safe are welcoming and turn looks that make this event even more memorable. As our queer spaces diminish, disappear, and generally become sterilized, the importance of a safer space to celebrate and get lost in fag magic remains at critical mass for me anyway. The music and space were incredible What Deep South has accomplished beyond providing space for locals here in Atlanta is creating a bridge between us and other huge cities.

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That's fucking sad man, if somebody at a game said they weren't going to support the Hawks because they support lgbt, there's a solid chance that dude would get hit. You have a great defense, they're averaging points a game. This is just a theory though. Didn't Tim Hardaway Sr. Want to add to the discussion? Atlanta has a fuck ton of gay people. Jason Collins was the first professional athlete to come out and openly admit he was gay, and you can definitely see that decision he made bearing fruit now.

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