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The friend I watched it with, who also loves pretty much any comedy, felt the same way. Thankfully we get a front row seat to all his awkwardness, his flamboyance, his unabashed silliness, and his hopelessness, and all of it is completely hysterical, and completely endearing. Further, why is he so overly concerned with the opinion of his girlfriend and her gang? None of that is clever dialog. I Love You, Man is funny, honest, over-the-top yet true-to-life, and yes, I'll say it again, completely endearing.

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Paul Rudd and Jason Segal together are a match made in heaven.

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In terms of the digital shorts, they really took off and almost became the focus of the show for a while. Are you ever surprised when stuff sticks or misses, like stuff that you thought was going to be great? The fact that Rush are in the movie and that the main characters are Rush fans was the sole reason I decided to give this movie a try. You think Paul Rudd is endearing. As long as they are funny. So tell us about your character, he sounds interesting. DarkVulcan29 25 March

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Any cool stuff like this, like come work on a movie that I think is going to be cool and have a part that I like. I should have known what I was getting into from the hype. Jones, a regular on "The Office", shows brilliance in this role. Yet, most people I talk to like this movie, which just blows my mind. Everyone had their standout parts and lines that you'll be repeating after you see this. I wear them everyday.

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