Going to gay clubs

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There are gay venues in most cities and towns. A mere 30 years later, section 28 was passed - making it an offence to promote talk about homosexuality in schools and only 5 years ago same sex marriages were not legal. You and another guy lock into an unspoken alliance. Neither will you be the most masculine or feminine person there. If you're not really interested in dancing and playing, but in mingling with stuck-up daddy's girls or drunken frat boys, then straight clubs might be for you.

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You walk to the bar.

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The Dos & Don'ts Of Gay Clubbing

If you would prefer to have bamboo shoved under your nails to being around homosexuals, then best to stay out of gay clubs. In that time, and far before it, the queer community have crafted out our own little corners of the city. You can dance with anyone -- or no one. Depending on your choice of establishment, these could take one of many glorious forms. Neither will you be the most masculine or feminine person there. The same applies for bar, door and cleaning staff. Much like the Starship Enterprise, she readies herself for attack:

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However, if you have no problem with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered people in general, they in turn will have no problem with you, so you ought to give the local gay bar a try. Second, you need to understand that, unless you are a GQ or Cosmo model, you will not be the hottest person in the club. Good advice, but you could just do it the easy way: Additionally, you can gather a whole herd of friends on the floor to dance. Drug use, particularly the use of ecstasy and other designer drugs, is higher among the gay population than the straight population, and some gays and lesbians equate a night on the town with a night of high-energy, drug-induced spastic dancing. Nights like Duckie see cabaret mixed with campness, before you fall across the road into one of the warehouse spaces that rumble on until lunchtime the next day.

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