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Yes, and I want in on this. I understand that this is a joke, but i think it is not helping the cause for gay acceptance by perpetuating stereotypes. At one point, the lyrics say "now you're lookin' pretty in a hotel bar," which our totally hilarious and absolutely not tragic and quite offensive prankster sends across. Notify me when new comments are posted. Two steps back with every video. I want to fondle your ballsack and stick my finger in your butt. Hot gay Mexican latino men fuck

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What if one turns out to be gay what would you do then? For hits on YouTube? I am gay, and I don't need some faggot representing me. Thousands of sex videos covering every XXX you could ever want, with fresh new content updated daily. And honestly, who wouldn't? The scenario is there to be done correctly, and this is not the way.

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Javascript is disabled in your browser. After making several retching noises, he tells the gay man off for sending flirty texts - despite initiating the flirting himself. And exposing all sorts of weird homophobia in the process. The video begins with the YouTuber, known as NoBiggie TV, complaining about gays with "no chill" who are obsessed with hitting on him. Surprisingly, the gay guy is in fact pretty chilled about receiving a message from out of the blue. Yes, and I want in on this.

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