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Therapy can be an effective way to help us learn new coping skills to manage our stressors. North America: We ache. Superintendent Frank DeFelice has said the 10 students were suspended for using their smartphones during school hours and because of inappropriate language in their tweets. Having a safe place that provides unconditional, positive regard can help an individual to grow and express their best self.

Whether you are experiencing a diagnosable disorder, difficulties in responding to life stressors, challenges with communicating with others or find yourself feeling stuck, talk therapy has been shown to be a highly effective option in improving your life.

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I believe that clients are seeking out a counselor who they can be completely honest with without fear of being rejected or criticized. The decision to seek treatment is often very difficult, yet a necessary choice. Although I have been "traditionally trained", I am not a traditional talk therapist.

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Most clients are seeking a counselor that will validate their feelings, empathize with their needs, encourage them to meet those needs, and teach them coping skills to handle their stress better.