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Lactation consultants could mention that they understand that transmasculine clients experience a range of gender dysphoria over chests and chestfeeding or sometimes no dysphoria at all, and then ask the individual how they can best be supported in their plans. Transgender patients should be taught to recognize engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis, whether or not they intend to chestfeed their babies, regardless of their history of chest masculinization surgery. The temporary nature of pregnancy and chestfeeding came up often during interviews as a means of coping with chest-related gender dysphoria. The funding body did not play any role in study design, collection of data, interpretation of results, or drafting the manuscript. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Nine participants had taken testosterone before they conceived, eight had started taking it for the first time after their children were born, and five had never taken it.

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The online version of this article doi: These steps were guided by qualitative description analyses methods [ 26 — 28 ]. I wanted that connection, you know, of holding my child, my own child, to my chest, being connected in that way and being able to offer that not just nourishing but nurturing aspect.

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I was under the complete understanding that it was permanent, that it was not ever going to grow back, so actually it was quite the opposite—the fact that it did grow back [during pregnancy] was really…I would have done a lot better if I had been warned that that was possible that that would happen.

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