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I'd never seen such strong desire in anyone, especially in someone his age. Then he slowly pulled out and it was not so painful as he was going soft. Poor Andy was devastated. My primary job was to keep the place full of cash spending men and women using social media, contests and keeping the crowds happy. But if you ask me, I have to say no:

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Bingo, I had something to jerk off too.

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POW's Fiction - Gay S&M Stories

The moaning subsided after a while and Andy said that he felt much better. Now I was on all fours and when he slid back into me his cock felt ever bigger in this position, and now his thrusts got even harder and faster. In a flash, Indy was naked, I still do not know when it happened, it just did, I looked at his thick hefty cock laying against his thigh and pushed him back onto the couch and pulled his legs apart some taking his cock into my mouth, it was like rigid velvet, hard but soft at the same time. The tight straps perfectly outlined his lush ass and lifted and separated the fleshy cheeks. One October evening about 6 years after we settled in this house he didn't walk in through the back door. On top of it rested the other tube, horizontally, with another short bit of upright attached on top of that.

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Just a nice mouthful, and i actually swallow it. He collapsed back onto the sofa and Stuart began the slow process of disgorging his still stiff cock. I get first dibs. But I had no idea who else he might have talked to, or what social media he might use and what he might have said there. It was a dream come true.

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